About CatchPoint

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We are a strategic marketing consultancy with a bias for action – and real business impact.

In rowing, the catch point is the precise spot where the oar blade enters the water to begin the drive. In business, it is an inflection point that creates a strategic opportunity for growth. 

And so, CatchPoint Partners was formed with a singular focus– creating profitable growth with marketing solutions tailored to your business objectives.

With deep talent and experience driving marketing strategy for significant brands across industry sectors, we know that whether you are launching a new product, creating a brand platform or optimizing the customer experience, your success in the market requires the alignment of:

  1. Customer insight,
  2. Actionable strategies,
  3. Effective customer engagement.

To that end, CatchPoint offers a range of services including market research, brand analysis and strategy, marketing planning and creative solutions to maximize revenue and increase brand value.

If you need help finding your catch point, we would like to help.